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If you use the payment or dunning programs for posting or dunning of down payments, you need to use down payment requests. These are special documents that serve as a reference for posting a down payment or as a document for the dunning program. They do not update the account balance.

When entering a down payment request, you enter the information required by the payment or dunning program. For example, you must enter a target special G/L indicator. The special G/L indicator is used later to post the down payment. The system requires this indicator to determine the correct special G/L account for down payments. Via the master record of this down payment account, the system determines which fields are relevant for entering a down payment request and how entries are treated.


You enter a down payment request. To do this in the standard system, you enter the target special G/L indicator A. The system calculates the corresponding down payment account and determines how the tax is displayed in the open item and down payment accounts and which information is required in the down payment request. The corresponding fields are ready for input. Therefore, the last posted down payment accounts determine the specific adaptation of screens and not the request accounts.

Down Payment Requests, Payment, and Dunning Programs

The payment and dunning programs only process down payment requests if you specify this explicitly. For the payment program, you must specify the special G/L transactions to be processed when you make your company code specifications for the payment program. For the dunning program, you must specify per dunning procedure which special G/L transactions are to be dunned. You can find further information on the payment and dunning programs in this documentation.

When you enter a down payment request, the Block indicator and Due date fields are always ready for input. The fields are used in order to release and schedule a down payment for posting by the payment program.

Special G/L Accounts for Down Payment Requests

You require a special G/L account for both outgoing and incoming down payment requests. You should manage these accounts with line item display since neither the transaction figures nor the account balance are managed in them. Only with line item display do you have an overview of down payments outstanding or to be made.

If you enter a field status group or tax category in the account master record, it does not effect the entry of a down payment request since the system transfers this information from the down payment accounts that are determined via the target special G/L indicator.

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