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To post special G/L transactions you require special posting keys, which are supplemented by a special G/L indicator.

The posting key defines whether it is a debit or credit posting, and which account type (customer or vendor) is posted. The posting keys for special G/L transactions must be indicated as such. In the standard system, the following posting keys are used for special G/L transactions:

Posting Keys for Special G/L Transactions

Posting key


Usage (example)


Outgoing debit posting

Payment of bill receivable


Outgoing credit posting

Down payment received


Incoming debit posting

Down payment made


Incoming credit posting

Payment of bill payable

Special G/L transactions are identified by a special G/L indicator.


In the standard system, you post down payments made with posting key 29. This posting key determines that you are posting to the debit side of a vendor account. The special G/L indicator determines the type of down payment. In the standard system, the special G/L indicator A is used for general down payments and I for down payments on intangible assets.

The system uses the specifications (posting key and special G/L indicator) to determine the alternative reconciliation account.


If you post a down payment received, the system uses the reconciliation account for receivables from goods and services together with the special G/L indicator to determine the corresponding special G/L account.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text