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Procedure documentation Creating Dunning Proposals  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The dunning program creates a dunning proposal.

You can also print dunning notices at the same time.


Make sure that you have defined all of the required dunning parameters.


  1. On the Dunning screen, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Schedule.
  2. To start the dunning run immediately, select the Start immediately field.
  3. To schedule the dunning run, enter the start date and time.


    If you want to print the dunning notices straight away or schedule them, you can no longer edit the dunning proposal. For more information, see Editing Dunning Proposals

    If you want to be able to edit the dunning proposal, you should carry out printing separately. For more information, see Printing Dunning Notices

  4. To have the dunning notices printed after the dunning run, select Dunn. print with scheduling?
  5. Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Schedule.


The system outputs a list with all items that are overdue and can be dunned.