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Grouping keys allow you to group together those customer or vendor open items that are to be dunned together.

One possible use of grouping keys is in the Financial Assets Management application component, where you may have to generate a dunning notice for several open items for a rented property, all of which have the same contract number.


  1. Define the required grouping key in Customizing for Financial Accounting under Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable à Business Transactions à Dunning à Dunning Procedure à Define Dunning Groupings.
  2. Define the required grouping key in the master record of the customers or vendors for whom you want to group the open items.

To do this, in the vendor or customer master record, select Company code data ® Correspondence and enter the required grouping key in the Grouping key Field.


When you define a grouping key, specify a maximum of two fields from table BSIK (vendors) or table BSID (customers). The dunning program checks the corresponding fields in each business partner's open items. If each of these fields have been assigned to the same grouping key, the customer or vendor items are summarized in one dunning notice.