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Function documentation Sorting Dunning Notices, Dunning Lists, and Open Items  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

You can specify the sort sequence for printing the dunning notices. Dunning notices can be sorted by postal code for example, in order to obtain a discount for presorted letters from the post office. You could also specify the dunning level for example, as a second sort criterion. This enables you to separate the letters with the last dunning level (to be sent to the legal department) from other letters more easily. In addition, you can sort the open items listed in a dunning notice.

In the standard system, letters are sorted by company code, dunning procedure, customer number, and account number of the head office. The open items are sorted by due date, document date and number, and line item number.

The sort criteria for the dunning notices and the open items (see the figure below) apply to all dunning procedures and all company codes. The dunning list is sorted according to the same criteria.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


You can specify a maximum of five sort fields from the tables MHNK and MHND. By specifying an offset, you can determine the position from which sorting is carried out for every field. Sorting is normally carried out in ascending order, but you can also sort in descending order.