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Function documentation Dunning Blocks and Dunning Keys  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Dunning blocks enable you to prevent an account or an item from being dunned. Enter a blocking key in the field Dunning block in the master record or in the item. There are texts stored for the blocking keys; these explain the reason for the block (see the figure below, (1)). Blocked accounts or items are not included in the dunning run and are printed in an exception list with the reason for the block.

Dunning keys enable you to limit the dunning level for an item. They also allow you to control whether the items with dunning keys are to be displayed separately in the dunning notice (see the figure below, (2)). You can also print the text for the dunning key in the dunning notice. Dunning keys are company code-independent.

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When an incoming payment was made, you posted a residual item carry forward, since you noticed a payment difference. You want to display this residual item in a separate section in the dunning notice, and to do this, you define an appropriate dunning key for it.