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Organizational unit that you use to process the dunning program for example, by division, or sales organization.


You use dunning areas if several organizational units are responsible for carrying out dunning within a company code. These organizational units are represented by dunning areas in the SAP System.


You only need dunning areas if you do not process dunning at company code level.

Usually, dunning is carried out for company codes, so that you do not have to set up dunning areas.


The dunning area can correspond to a division, a distribution channel, a sales organization, or a business area. You can thus control the dunning procedure and the issuing of dunning notices separately for each dunning area.


You set up two separate dunning areas, for the fertilizers and the plastics divisions respectively. If a customer purchases his goods from the fertilizer division and also buys plastics, he could be dunned by two dunning areas (see the figure below).

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Assigning Dunning Procedures

You assign dunning procedures to the corresponding dunning area in the business partner master record.

You can:

Assigning Line Items