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Function documentation Dunning Frequency and Dunning Interval  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

For every dunning procedure, you determine the dunning interval and therefore the dunning frequency. This is the minimum number of days that must elapse after a dunning run before an account can be dunned again.

In order to determine whether an account is included in a dunning run, the dunning program stores the date of the last dunning run in the master record. On the basis of this date and the dunning interval, the dunning program determines whether the account should be included in a dunning run.

If the required dunning interval has not elapsed, the account is not dunned - even if it contains overdue items.


You carried out the last dunning run on 03/01. The dunning interval is 14 days. If a dunning run were carried out on 03/15, the required dunning interval of 14 days would be reached; the accounts could be dunned again. If a dunning run were carried out on 03/14, the required dunning interval would not yet have passed.

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