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Defines how business partners are dunned.


The dunning program duns open items in customer and vendor accounts if the overdue items result in a debit balance. When you configure the dunning program, you can specify additional criteria for determining whether accounts or their open items are to be dunned.

You make the most important specifications via the dunning procedure. You define this procedure with a four character alphanumeric key. It determines:

The dunning frequency and/or the dunning interval with which accounts are dunned.

The grace days and the minimum numbers of days in arrears for the purposes of determining whether the open items and accounts should be dunned. This data is used only to determine the due date of the open items and whether an account should be dunned.

The number of dunning levels. For each dunning level, you determine the number of days a line item must be in arrears to be assigned a particular dunning level. This dunning level then determines the wording of the dunning notice.

The transactions to be dunned. You can select whether standard and/or special G/L transactions are dunned with the same procedure. Examples of special G/L transactions are payment requests, bill of exchange payment requests, down payments, and down payment requests. Bill of exchange payment requests are used in Spain, France, and Italy.

You can set up one or more dunning procedures. Several procedures are necessary if you want to dun accounts differently according to the above mentioned criteria.

You specify which procedure is used for an account in the master record of the account concerned. Enter this procedure in the company code-specific area.


Although you never send more than one payment reminder to certain of your customers, you send up to three different dunning notices to all other customers. As a result, you define two dunning procedures: A single-level procedure and a 3-level procedure. Enter the single level dunning procedure in the master records of customers who should receive only one payment reminder. Assign the 3-level dunning procedure to all other customers.

The system is delivered with standard procedures for you to use, and you can change these or add your own.

Dunning Frequency and Dunning Interval

Grace Days for Line Items and Minimum Numbers of Days in Arrears for Accounts