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During the dunning run, the dunning program determines all customer (and vendor) items and accounts for which dunning notices can be issued. This is the basis of the dunning proposal.

The dunning proposal is output in the form of a list that contains all items and accounts for which dunning notices can be issued (that is, they are overdue). The list is sorted according to account and dunning level.

You can process the dunning proposal further.


Make sure that you have made the settings for the following features:

For more information about preparing and starting the dunning run, see Setting Dunning Parameters and Creating Dunning Proposals.


Process Flow

You control the dunning program via the settings you make for the dunning procedure. Further control can be exercised via the settings you make in the customer or vendor master record, via the open items, and by the parameters for the dunning run.

You control dunning via:

Company Code-Specific Specifications:

One of the factors these specifications determine is which company codes are dunned.

Dunning Procedure

This contains the most important specifications for controlling dunning. These include the dunning frequency, the dunning levels, and the grace days for the due date determination.

Customer/Vendor Master Record

In the master record, you specify which dunning procedure should be used for that account. The dunning program stores the date of the last dunning run and the dunning level in the master record. If an account is not to be dunned, enter a dunning block.

Open Items

You can block items from being dunned, or specify that an item is only to be dunned up to a certain dunning level. The dunning program notes the date of the last dunning run for the item and the dunning level.

The Parameters for the Dunning Run.

These include the company codes and accounts that are to be checked during the dunning run, and the posting date up to which documents should be taken into account.

The automatic dunning program uses these criteria to check the items and accounts for the following:

For more information about the technical process flow of the dunning program and the program's special functions, see Controlling the Dunning Run and Special Functions in Dunning.


The program produces a dunning proposal. You can process this proposal further if required, and then print the dunning notices.