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Procedure documentation Creating Payment Advice Notes  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

To create a payment advice note, proceed as follows:

  1. From the Accounts Receivable menu, choose Document entry ® Payment advice ® Create.
  2. The advice note number can be assigned either internally by the system or externally by the user. If your system uses external number assignment, you must enter the advice note number yourself. If you do not specify a number, the system assigns one automatically in the format aadddddduuuuuubb. These characters have the following meanings:
  3. aa advice note type

    dddddd creation date

    uuuuuu creation time

    bb first characters of your user name.

    The key for a payment advice note consists of the company code, account type, account number and advice note number.


    An advice note entered manually by employee WEST on the 11/19/1994 at 14:22:12 would have the key 04941119142212WE.

  4. Enter the general data in the advice note header, such as the payment amount, currency and the bank details.
  5. In the advice item, enter the data used to identify an open item. Using this information, and in accordance with a predefined rule, the system derives a selection field and a value that must be selected in order to determine the open items. When you specify either the gross or the net amount, the system compares this value with the open item to which it is allocated and carries out any difference postings necessary. You can also enter a key for the difference reason.

You enter the advice note item either on detail screens or freely-definable fast entry screens (the same as for G/L account item fast entry when posting a document).

Navigation between the detail screens, the overview screen, and the fast entry screens is the same as for posting or displaying a document. You can define an unlimited number of line layout variants for the payment advice overview (overview of all advice note items).

During manual open item processing, advice sub-items may be created if the selected open items are saved as payment advice notes along with difference reason codes, reference information and cash discount terms.

You can also enter advice sub-items when you are processing advice notes manually (payment advice post-processing). In this way, you can enter several (up to 8) deduction amounts, each with its own difference reason code, in the payment advice note. This information is later read by the system when incoming payments are posted, triggering the appropriate difference postings.

On the entry screen, you can also display the running totals for the payment and deduction amounts. This control information enables you to compare the total amounts from all the advice items with the payment amount in the advice header.