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You can use the payment program to process international payment transactions with customers and vendors.

Information on payment transactions in Euro can be found by choosing "Cross-application components" and then "European Monetary Union", and also in the SAP Library under European Monetary Union: Euro (CA-EUR)

Implementation Considerations

Configuration of the payment program is described in Customizing the Payment Program


The payment program is used by the following components: Accounts Receivable (FI-AR), Accounts Payable (FI-AP), Treasury (TR), and Bank Accounting (FI-BL).


The payment program lets you handle both outgoing and incoming payments. It is flexible enough to allow you to define those payment features that vary from country to country such as payment method, payment form, or data carrier specifications.

The standard system contains the common payment methods and the corresponding forms that have been defined separately for each country.

The standard payment methods include check, transfer, and bill of exchange. Country-specific payment methods, such as the POR procedure in Switzerland, the bill of exchange payment request, and the PBC procedure have also been defined.

Other special features include: