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Procedure documentation Resetting Clearing  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can reset clearing transactions for individual documents. When clearing is reset, the clearing data is removed from the line items (and the reversal data, where it existed, is removed from the document header). The document changes are logged and can be displayed in the change documents.


To reset a cleared item to open item status, proceed as follows:

  1. From the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, or General Ledger menu, choose Document ® Reset cleared items.
  2. Enter the clearing document number, company code and (if appropriate) the fiscal year.
  3. First display the items from the clearing document by choosing Goto ® Accompanying items. You reach the line item display function. To return to the initial screen, choose Back.
  4. Choose Goto ® Accompanying corrsp. to see whether or not correspondence requests were created and sent. The displayed list will not contain correspondence requests that were reorganized (deleted).
  5. In resetting a clearing document, all accompanying correspondence requests are marked so that you can see that their clearing document was reset. Reorganized (deleted) requests are not marked in this way.

    To return to the initial screen, choose Back.

  6. Choose Clearing ® Reset cleared items. If any correspondence requests have been created, the system asks you whether you want these requests to be flagged as Completed in order to prevent the correspondence from being sent out at a later date.

You can also decide whether the clearing document should be reversed. If you do not reverse it, it will also remain in the system as an open item to be cleared along with the other open items.
An exception to this is the clearing transaction in third currency. Clearing documents with exchange rate differences and clearing transactions involving documents posted with the net procedure: In these cases, the clearing document is reversed by the system when it resets the cleared items.


If you use the Cancel check payment function, in addition to the cleared items being reset, the payment document is reversed, and the related check is voided in the check register. For more information, see Check Management.