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Procedure documentation Clearing Open Items and Printing Payment Media  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


To post a payment, clear the items involved, and print the payment medium immediately, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Document entry ® Outgoing payment ® Post + print forms from the Accounts Payable menu or
    choose Document entry
    ® Other ® Outgoing payment ® Post + print forms from the Accounts Receivable menu.
  2. The screen for entering the specifications appears.
  3. In this screen you enter the specifications for printing checks and payment advice notes. These include company code, payment method, house bank, and the printer for the check and the payment advice note.


    You enter this data once per working session. You can change your entries at any time.

  4. Next choose Enter payments.
  5. If you want to post the entire payment amount as a payment on account, select the field Payment on account, and enter a text to be displayed on the payment advice note.
  6. Note

    It is generally only necessary to enter the amount and value date as specifications for the bank posting. The system determines the G/L account to be posted to from the specifications for the payment method and the house bank. For this purpose, the system refers to the configuration for the payment program.

  7. Process the open items as usual, either by entering selection criteria or directly choosing Goto ® Open items.
  8. To change the specifications, choose Goto ® Specifications.

  9. Post the document.
    1. If you have selected the specification Print immediately, the system issues a message that the document was printed.
    2. If you have not chosen Print immediately, the print request is stored in the spool system. After posting, the system displays the spool numbers for the check or the payment advice note. You can then start the print separately from the spool.


Choose Enter, and the system confirms that the print request has been created.