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When you are carrying out manual clearing transactions such as incoming or outgoing payments, you can also clear items that have a posting date that is after the clearing date.


On 3/26/95, you enter an invoice with the posting date 4/1/95. On 3/29/95, you clear this invoice by posting an incoming payment.

To clear an open item whose posting date is in the future, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Goto ® Open items on the Post with Clearing screen.
  2. Select those open items with a posting date in the future that you want to clear.

The open item is inactive for the time being. You can activate it.


If the posting date of one of the open items you want to clear comes after the posting date of the clearing procedure, this affects the clearing date entered in all the items involved. In this case it is no longer identical to the clearing posting date. Instead, it is identical to the latest posting date of all the open items.