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Procedure documentation Posting Residual Items  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


A residual item results when a payment is made for less than the actual amount outstanding. You clear the original open item, and the system posts a new open item. This new open item is for the same amount as the original open item minus the amount paid.


To enter a residual item, proceed as follows:

  1. On the Process open items screen, choose the Res. items tab.
  2. In the Residual items column, enter the amount of the residual item.
  3. You can assign one or more reason codes and reference information about the business partner to the residual items. For each reason code, you can define whether a new item is to be posted to the business partner account (outstanding receivable), or if the difference is to be cleared. Depending on the reason code you specify, you can send the relevant payment notice to your business partner.

  4. To go back to the standard screen for editing open items, choose the Standard tab.


When you post the document, the system enters the document number, fiscal year and item number of the original open item in the Residual for field in the residual item.

For the residual item, the system either uses the terms of payment from the original invoice item or enters the predefined terms of payment. The payment terms used depends on the settings made for the tolerance group in the vendor master data.


You can enter residual items and process them using the mouse. The advantage of this is that if the remaining amount has to be assigned to a single item, you can do this automatically on the residual item screen. To do so, place the cursor in the Residual items field for the line item required, and select this item by double-clicking it. The system then takes account of the difference for this item.


In the editing options, you can set whether the payment amount or the remaining amount is entered in residual items.