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Processing open items involves choosing and then activating the open items. Processing is the last step before posting a clearing document.


When posting clearing documents, the system takes tolerances into account. Tolerances are acceptable payment differences.


When the line item(s) you enter and the open item(s) you process have been cleared, you can post a clearing document.


For example, if you enter a vendor payment for $1000, you must choose and process vendor open items that equal $1000. If your system permits a 1% tolerance, then you can clear open items with a value from $990 to $1010.


When you process open items, you can:


Activate the open items to be cleared.

To process open items, on the screen for selecting open items, choose Goto ® Open items.

You can process open items using the following:

To clear open items with commands or with the mouse, you select and process an item in one step.