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Procedure documentation Selecting Open Items  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can select which open items the system should process. Usually, you display the chosen line items, process them, and then clear them. However, you may also choose the open items and clear them without displaying them first.


  1. Select Edit ® Choose open items.
  2. The screen for selecting open items appears.
  3. On this screen, you can select the following options:

This entry is required if you are not selecting a specific document. If you want to post payments for open items from several accounts, you can also specify a worklist in the Account field.

To use worklists, you have to set this option via Environment ® User parameters ® Editing options from the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, or General Ledger menu. You can create the worklists yourself. To do this, choose Environment ® Current settings ® Maintain worklists for processing open items. If you want to be able to manually process payments for several company codes together, you have to define this in the Implementation Guide for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

Standard open items are all open items not posted with special G/L indicators. You must select standard open items and/or open items from specific special G/L transactions for the clearing transaction.

A special G/L indicator designates items posted to special G/L accounts. If you want to display open items posted to special G/L accounts, enter the appropriate special G/L indicators, for example, A for down payments.

You can enter the number of the payment advice note here. Only those open items that are listed in the payment advice note are displayed for processing. Additional selection criteria are then ignored.

The system automatically creates residual items and payments on account if differences arise between the payment advice note and the open items.

If you specify a payment advice note number, you do not have to enter the customer or vendor account number. The account number is automatically transferred from the payment advice note. If, however, you manage a lot of payment advice notes in the system, you may want to enter the account number to speed up the system processing time.

To clear line items of more than one account, select this field and then enter the accounts on the next screen.

The system distributes the clearing amount entered so that the open items with the greatest number of days in arrears are cleared first.

See also:

Distributing the Clearing Amount by Age

The system attempts to find open items that correspond to the clearing amount entered or are closest to it.

You can even choose specific types of open items to be cleared. For example, you can choose open items by document number or open items within a range of amounts. You can use this option if you want to process accounts with several open items.


After you have selected open items for clearing, you can either display them and process them, or simply process specific open items.


If you want to display net amounts in the open item list, you need to set this option.

To do this, choose Settings ® Editing options, and then Goto ® Open items, and set the Display net amounts indicator.