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You can use the following functions for clearing open items manually:

Clearing Functions in Accounts Payable

Posting transaction

Business transaction


Outgoing payment

Debit memo

Document entry ® Outgoing payment ® Post

Outgoing payment with printed form

Immediate payment by check

Document entry ® Outgoing payment ® Post + print forms

Internal transfer posting

Invoice cleared due to a product defect

Document entry ® Others ® Internal transfer posting ® With clearing

Incoming payment

Refund from your vendor, for example, annual quantity discount

Document entry ® Others ® Incoming payment


The SAP System also supports the automatic entry of bank postings for outgoing payments by importing bank statement data using the Electronic Bank Statement function.


For more information, see the FI Treasury and FI Electronic Bank Statement documentation.


Selecting and activating down payment requests during clearing triggers the system to post a corresponding down payment. This saves you from having to enter the down payment manually, as well as from having to switch between two transactions to process incoming payments.

You can also pay a down payment request with a form (check) online.

Down payment requests are reset in the same manner as other documents by using the reversal function.