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You can enter cross-company code transactions in one step in the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable application components. This function would be used, for example, for centralized procurement or payment.


For centralized payments, each individual company code enters its own invoices separately, while a central company code pays them. When you are clearing open items, the system makes clearing entries between the company codes participating in the clearing procedure. These clearing entries represent the receivables and payables that exist between the company codes in centralized payment.



For each company code, the system generates a separate clearing document. A joint transaction number marks these documents as belonging together.


For a clearing transaction (incoming payment, outgoing payment), you have agreed in Customizing that if company code 0001 is specified, open items are also selected from other company codes (0002 and 0003).


Clearing can then also be carried out if the account to be cleared has not been created in company code 0001. As long as no items have to be posted to this account in company code 0001, it is not necessary to create a master record for the account in company code 0001.

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