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If you want to take bank charges into account for incoming or outgoing payments, you can enter these under Bank charges.


The Relevant to cash flow indicator must be set in the master records of accounts that record bank charges.


For incoming payments the system adds the bank charges to the clearing amount, while for outgoing payments it deducts the charges from the clearing amount.

The system posts the charges to an expense account automatically. To do this, the system requires a posting key and the account that should be posted to. These specifications are already defined in the system.

When you enter the bank charges, the system then determines from the account master record that tax entries have to be made for the charges, and displays a screen for users to make the necessary entries.


If you are not using the charts of accounts delivered with the standard system, you have to enter your own account specification for posting bank charges.


If taxes have to be posted for bank charges, you have to set up the bank charges account so that it is relevant for taxes.