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Function documentation Gains or Losses from Under/Overpayments  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


If a payment difference during clearing is within the predefined tolerances, the system can post it automatically.

The system does not require any additional specifications to clear the difference by adjusting the cash discount. However, for posting to a separate gain or loss account, you have to define special rules to determine the appropriate account to post to.

The accounts can be determined based on the following criteria:

Debit or credit
Underpayments and overpayments are posted to separate accounts.

Tax code
tax code in the line item determines which accounts are posted to .

Reason code
The reason code in the line item determines which accounts are posted to .


If you choose to differentiate accounts by tax code, you have to specify accounts for each tax code. This also applies to reason codes.


The system also requires the posting keys for debit and credit postings to G/L accounts for automatic postings.

All of these settings are already made for the charts of accounts delivered with the standard system. If you do not use these charts of accounts, you have to change the settings.