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Normally you use the account clearing function without creating a posting. However, the system may have to automatically make transfer postings in some cases. This is necessary for example, if you are clearing in several business areas, since you have to carry out clearing between the individual business areas.


You want to clear items in a clearing account. The items assigned were posted to different business areas. When clearing the items, the system has to generate a document since it has to generate a clearing posting for each business area.

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The standard system contains a standard document type for all account types (see table below). If the system has to generate documents for account clearing, it assigns them a number from the number range for this document type.

Standard Document Types for the Account Clearing Function

Account type

Document type




General document



General document



General document

If you do not use the standard document type in your system, or you have deleted it, you have to specify one of your own document types. If a valid document type is not specified for clearing between business areas, the system cannot clear the items between the different business areas specified on the debit and credit sides.

You can prevent the system generating offsetting postings automatically. This is useful if you have configured your system such that different business areas are not affected by clearing.

Transfer posting with clearing is the transaction for account clearing in the standard system. You cannot use any other transaction for account clearing. You can, however, make changes to the transfer posting with clearing transaction.


Enter the following details:

All the information that is required if clearing postings are generated is defined in the system. This includes the document type and the posting key. You specify both for the transfer posting with clearing transaction.

For more information, see Defining Clearing Transactions.