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You can use the clearing program to clear open items from customer, vendor, and G/L accounts. This program uses predefined criteria to group together open items per account. If the balance of the group of open items equals zero in local, foreign, and where applicable, the parallel currency, the items are marked as cleared.

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The clearing program has particular advantages over manual account clearing for clearing general ledger clearing accounts.


During clearing, the program enters a clearing document number and a clearing date in the line items. It uses the document number and posting date from the most recent document (with the highest document number) that is part of the clearing process.

The program groups together those items from an account that have the same:

You can specify criteria for each account type based on a single account or an interval of accounts. You use these criteria to restrict the number of items that are considered together. This ensures that only those items that are based on a specific business transaction are cleared together.

For more information on grouping open items, see Open Item Management


You want to clear the open items in the GR/IR clearing account automatically. In addition to the criteria predefined by the system, you set a criterion for the purchase order number. This criterion ensures that only goods receipt items and invoice items that belong to each other are cleared together.