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The SAP System offers the following procedures for accounts with open item management:


In one clearing transaction, you can process several accounts, different account types (G/L account, customer, vendor), and accounts from several company codes.


The clearing program carries out automatic clearing within the SAP System. However, all prerequisites for clearing open items in the SAP System must be fulfilled.


Customer and vendor accounts are always managed on an open item basis. For G/L accounts, however, you have to set the open item management option in their master record yourself. Open item management is recommended for the following G/L accounts:

During clearing, the system enters a clearing document number and the clearing date in these items. In this way, invoices in a vendor account are indicated as paid, and items in a bank clearing account are indicated as cleared.


The program does not clear special G/L transactions, or post any new documents. It therefore does not clear items if additional postings would be required.


You have posted a vendor invoice. This item could be cleared with a credit memo. At the time of clearing, cash discount would have to be posted. Therefore, the clearing program cannot clear the item.

Items that require an additional posting are, for example:

A posting would also be required if the items balance to zero in document currency, but not in the local currency or parallel currency (group or global company currency, and so on). Clearing could not be carried out in this case either.