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Background documentation Simulating Payment History: Customers  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

You can simulate payment history for a customer by assuming that that customer will pay all items due on the current day (or any day in the future). You can use the due date for net payment or the date up to which your customer could receive a cash discount. You can switch between the two types of display in the same manner as in open item display.

To simulate the payment history, proceed as follows from the Customer payment history screen:

  1. Choose Edit ® Simulation .
  2. A dialog box appears in which you can enter specifications for the simulation.

  3. Enter the assumed payment date. The system proposes the current date as a default value.
  4. Select either items which are due net by this date or items which are due according to cash discount terms 1.
  5. The system then selects only those items due by the specified date and according to the criteria.

  6. Choose ENTER .

On the next screen, the payment history for the payment date specified appears. This simulation allows you to see which amount the customer would pay by the payment date you specified. This date may be either the due date for net payment, or the date for payment when the customer is utilizing cash discount terms 1.

Within the display, you can also change between net and cash discount terms by selecting Edit ® Net/Cash discount simulation .