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Function documentation Creating Totals for Line Items  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


In the line item display, you can summarize items according to various criteria and create totals.

The criteria are defined in the system in the form of totals variants.


The SAP standard system contains totals variants. You can change them or create your own.

To change a totals variant, or define a new one, proceed as follows in Customizing for Financial Accounting; General Ledger Accounting/Accounts Receivable and Payable G/L Accounts/Customer Accounts/Vendor Accounts Line Items Display Line Items (without ALV) Define Totals Variants.


You have the following options for creating totals for line items:

Subtotals are then created for all currency amounts that appear in the line layout.

You can select a totals variant (for example, document type/posting key), and specify whether you want to sort in descending order. To do this, select Descending.

When you select a totals variant, the system creates subtotals for the first key of the totals variant. You have the following options when displaying the totals:

For example, if the totals variant is Document type/Posting key, place the cursor on a document type (for example, AB , general document) and then choose Goto ® Next list level. The system then displays the subtotals for all documents by posting key within the document type AB.

The document currency, the local currency, and any parallel local currency defined for that company code are displayed. If you select the local or group currency as an additional local currency, the posted totals are displayed in this currency.

For more information about currencies in the line item display, see Selecting Currencies


However, this is only worth doing if you have first valuated the items with the valuation program.

The system displays the line items for which a total has been created in a list in list levels according to the criteria that you specified.

The system notes these list levels and you can display them from any line item display. For more information, see Displaying List Levels.