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When you display or change line items, they are displayed in the standard sort sequence. The standard sort sequence is determined internally by the system. To do this, the system uses the following document fields:

The line items are then sorted as follows:

From the standard sort sequence, you can switch to another sort sequence. The system offers you fields to sort from, from which you can select the fields you require. If you require additional fields, you can add these to the selection.


You have the following options for changing the sort sequence:

Grouping line items

You can flag account line items that are to be processed together. To do this, enter the same indicator in the field Assignment for each line item in the group.

The contents of the Assignment field are used:

Entries for the Assignment field

You can define the contents of the Assignment field as you wish. You have the following options:

The layout rule determines which entry from the document header or line item should be entered in the Assignment field at the time of posting. You define the keys and their layout rules in Customizing. The standard system is delivered with pre-defined layout rules. SAP recommends that you use these rules.


Layout rules for the Assignment field are valid for all clients.


In the master record for the special G/L account "Down payments received", you have specified that the customer's account number should be entered in the Assignment field at the time of posting. All documents posted to this account are sorted by customer account number and displayed in ascending order in the line item display.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

You can change the layout rule key in the master record at any time. The new layout rule takes effect from the time the change is made: That is, all line items posted afterwards are displayed according to the new layout rule. The assignment remains unchanged, however, for the documents already posted.

Layout rules for the Assignment field

To define your own layout rules for the Assignment field, you specify a key and up to four fields for each rule. The contents of these fields are then copied to the Assignment field in the order you define. You can use any document header or line item field in your layout rule.

You can also have the system copy just a part of the contents of a particular field to the Assignment field. To do this, you have to specify the number of characters copied and the position from which they are copied.


A cost center number consists of 10 characters in the standard system. If your company uses only six characters, you can omit the first four characters for the display. Therefore, you specify for the Cost center field that six characters are displayed as of the fifth character.