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You can save your user-specific selection criteria for the line item display.


To save your user-specific selection criteria, make the following settings in your user parameters:

  1. From the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, or Accounts Payable menu, select Environment User parameters Editing options.
  2. Choose Line items.
  3. Set the User-specific selection indicator and save your entries.


After you have activated your selection criteria, you can enter the specific selection conditions. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Under Selection criteria, enter your user-specific criteria.
  2. For more information, see Editing Selection Criteria.

  3. Return to the initial screen for the line item display and select Edit Note selection.
  4. The system then saves your selection criteria.

  5. If you want to access the selection criteria you saved at a later date, set the indicator User-specific selection on the initial screen of the line item display. Your selection criteria are then applied.


You have noted your selection criteria.

You can delete them when you no longer need them. On the initial screen of the line item display, choose Edit ® Delete selection criteria.