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After you have entered your selection criteria for the line item display, the line items you selected are displayed in a list. You can use various functions in this list, for example, to edit the layout of the line item list, to edit the line items themselves, or to branch to other functions, such as displaying the document for a line item.


The following options are available in the line item display:

Editing the layout of the line item display



Changing the Line Layout

You can determine which fields should appear in the line item display.

Adding Additional Fields

You can add an additional field in the line item display; the value of this field is then displayed for all of the line items displayed.

Selecting Currencies

You can select the display currency for the line item display.


Editing line items



Searching for Line Items

You can search for specific line items.

Sorting Line Items

You can sort the line items displayed.

Creating Totals for Line Items

You can create subtotals according to selection criteria for the line items displayed.

Displaying List Levels

You can display an overview of the list levels.


Branching to other functions



Displaying the Document for a Line Item

You can display the document for a specific line item.

Displaying line items from another account

You can display line items from another account and use the same selection criteria specified for the first account.

To do this, select Line items Other line items with selection criteria.

Displaying Account Master Records

You can display the master data for the account for which you are displaying the line items.

Displaying Totals Sheets

You can display a totals sheet for the line items.

Correspondence and Internal Evaluations

You can request, display, and print correspondence.

Choose Environment ® Correspondence.

Credit Management

You can branch to credit management.

Choose Environment ® Correspondence.

Check information

You display check information that belongs to the line item.

Choose Check information.


You can make settings in Customizing from the line item display, for example, settings for the line layout or for the totals variants. However, you need the appropriate authorization to do this.

Choose Settings Customizing.