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Procedure documentation Options for Displaying Account Balances  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

You have the following options for displaying account balances:

You can display the balances (credit and debit amounts) sorted according to posting periods. To do this, choose Goto ® Account balances.
The special G/L transactions are not displayed.

To display the sales/purchases per posting period (debit minus credit of the sales/purchases-related postings), choose Goto ® Sales/purchases. The posting key you specify when you enter the line items determines whether a particular posting is part of sales or purchases.
Invoices and credit memos, for example, are part of sales and purchases, but payments are not.

You can display the accumulated balances from all business transactions that were posted using a special G/L indicator. To do this, choose Goto ® Sp. G/L transactions. The system displays the total amounts that were posted to this account for each special G/L indicator. This could include any of the following special G/L transactions: