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Procedure documentation Displaying Line Items in Account Balances  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

To display the line items that make up the account balance, proceed as follows:

  1. Depending on which line items you wish to display, place the cursor on an entry in the account balance display. You have the following options:
  2. Displaying Line Items to Explain the Account Balances

    To display:

    Place the cursor on:

    Line items from previous year

    ... Balance carryforward

    Line items from a period

    ... The required period

    Debit or credit line items from a period

    ... The required period in the debit or credit column

    All debit or credit line items

    ... The debit or credit total

    All line items

    ... The current account balance, the last entry in the Account balance column

    All line items from the previous year up to a specific period

    ... The Account balance column in the required period


  3. Choose Edit ® Line Items.
  4. The line items for a specific balance are displayed.

  5. To return to the balance display, select Exit or Back.