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Procedure documentation Blocking a Vendor Account for Posting  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

When you block a vendor master record for posting, you prevent the system from posting to this account.

Block a vendor account from posting as follows:

  1. Choose Master records ® Block/unblock.
  2. The system displays the initial screen.

  3. Enter the vendor's account number and, if required, the company code.
  4. If you do not enter a company code, you can only block posting for this vendor in all company codes.

  5. Select ENTER .
  6. The system displays the entry screen for the block indicators.

  7. Select for blocking either all company codes or the specified company code by clicking the appropriate field.
  8. Save your entries by choosing Vendor ® Save.

The system displays the initial screen and a message that confirms that the data has been saved.