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Procedure documentation Displaying Changes to Vendor Master Records  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

When you change a master record, the system logs these changes and generates change documents. For each field, it stores the time of change, the name of the user, and the previous field contents.

You can display all the changes for the following:

The following changes are displayed separately:

Using the change documents, you can see which changes were made when.

From the Accounts Payable menu, you can display changes to a vendor master record as follows:

  1. Choose Master records ® Maintain centrally ® Display changes.
  2. The system displays the initial screen for displaying changes.

  3. Enter the vendor's account number and the company code and, optionally, a dunning area, a purchasing organization, a date after which the account was changed, or a user that made the changes.
  4. You can limit the changes display by specifying a change date and a user name.

  5. Choose ENTER .
  6. The system displays a list of types of changed fields.

  7. Select the changes you want to display:
  8. To display a field change, place the cursor on the required field and select it.

    To display all changes, choose Goto ® All changes.

    To display the entered bank data or dunning areas, choose Goto ® Entries.

    To display deleted bank data or dunning areas, choose Goto ® Deletions.

    To display the change document, choose Goto ® Change document.

  9. Leave the display of changes by choosing Account changes ® Exit.

Displaying Changes in Several Vendor Master Records

You can use program RFKABL00 to produce a list of the changes made to a certain specified number of vendor master records. To start this program, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose from the Accounts Payable menu Periodic processing ® Info system ® Report selection ® Adequacy and documentation ® Master data ® Changes.
  2. Choose Program ® Execute.