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Except for a few fields, you can change all data in a vendor master record. The restrictions on changing data are explained in "Notes on Changing" below. Authorizations may restrict changing master data, so you may not be allowed to change some fields. Ask your system administrator for more information about authorizations.

As already explained, vendor master records span several screens. Correspondingly, the system has several change functions. You can:

Your authorizations determine the functions that you may use. The following describes the first two change functions. Read the MM Materials Management documentation for detailed information on the purchasing functions.

Vendor master records span several screens. Generally speaking, you will only want to change certain data. You can select the screens to make changes directly in the initial screen.

The system logs all changes. For each field, it stores the time of change, the name of the user, the current and the previous field contents. You can display changes to the entire vendor master record or to a special field. You can find further information in Displaying Changes to Vendor Master Records.

Notes on Changing Master Records

After you create a vendor master record, you can not change the account number and the account group. You can change all other fields. Your system administrator can restrict some fields from being changed via field status specifications or via authorizations. These fields are then merely displayed. This is recommended for the reconciliation accounts, for example, so that they cannot be changed by mistake. See the FI System Administration Guide for details about how to restrict change authorizations. For more information on configuring the system, see Configuring the System Using the Implementation Guide.

When changing master data, you should note the following:

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