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Procedure documentation Entering Bank Details  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

For each vendor, you can specify as many banks as you require. To pay a vendor by bank transfer using the payment program, you must enter the vendor's bank country, bank key, and bank account number) in the vendor master record. For control purposes, the system then displays the bank name data.

When you enter your vendor's bank address, the system checks whether master data already exists for this bank. If not, the system goes to the maintenance screen for bank master data. You maintain your vendor's postal giro accounts in exactly the same way as other bank accounts.

Whilst maintaining vendor master records, you can enter bank address details by carrying out the following steps:

  1. In the screen for payment transactions, enter the bank country, the bank key, the bank account number, and a control key (required in France).
  2. If appropriate, you can indicate whether direct debiting is allowed for this account. You can also enter a unique bank key of your choice for the payment program in the field BnkType. With the help of this bank ID, you can specify in the document line item which of the business partner's banks is to be used.

  3. Press ENTER .
  4. If there is no master data for the specified bank yet, the system displays a pop-up window where you can add bank master data.

    1. Enter the master data for the bank.
    2. Select ENTER to return to the entry screen for vendor master records.

The bank data is saved when you save a vendor master record.

To change or add to bank master data, place the cursor on the required bank and choose Environment ® Bank data. The system displays a window for entering and maintaining master data.