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Procedure documentation Creating a Vendor Master Record Centrally  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

If you have purchased, installed, and configured MM Materials Management, you can create a vendor master record centrally as follows:

  1. From the Accounts Payable menu, choose Master records ® Maintain centrally ® Create.
  2. The initial screen for creating the vendor appears.

  3. If you use external number assignment , enter the vendor's account number.
  4. If you use internal number assignment , the system assigns a number when you save the vendor master record. Until then, the word "INTERNAL" appears on the screen in place of the account number.

  5. Enter a company code and a purchasing department, depending on the data areas you want to maintain.
  6. You can only enter data in a company code or a purchasing department, if you specify one or the other. Otherwise, you can only enter the general data of the vendor master record.

  7. Enter an account group and select ENTER .
  8. The first screen for entering vendor master data appears.


    When you create a vendor master record for which the general data has already been created, the first screen for the company code or purchasing department data appears.

  9. Enter the vendor data and select ENTER to reach the next entry screen.
  10. In each screen the system displays, in the upper left-hand corner, which data area you are entering data for. When you enter company code or purchasing data, the company code or the purchasing organization is displayed. If neither of these is displayed, you are in the general area.

  11. In the last screen, save your master data by choosing Vendor ® Save.

The system displays the initial screen again, with a message confirming that the data is saved.