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Background documentation Additional Functions for Maintaining Vendor Master Data  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

The following functions are available for maintaining vendor master data:

Under the Vendor menu, you can branch from the display function to the change function. You can also retrieve another master record to change or display. You can exit the function at any time.

You can save the vendor master record in any screen and return to the initial screen. When you create a master record, the system ensures that you fill out all the required fields. Choose Vendor ® Save from the menu bar.

You can protect important fields in your vendor master records against incorrect or unauthorized changes. When a "sensitive" field is changed, the vendor account remains blocked for the payment run until the field changes have been confirmed by a second authorized person.

The second authorized person confirms the changes to the master record under Confirmation of change in the main menu for vendor master records.

The data in a vendor master record spans several screens. When displaying or changing a vendor master record, you can branch between screens by choosing Goto and then the required screen.

Under the menu bar option Extras, you can choose the following functions:

You can use the Texts function to enter texts about the vendor. This function is found under Extras.

You can use the Documents function to allocate documents that were scanned into the system (business reports or newspaper articles) to a vendor. This function is found under Extras.

You can use this function to manage addresses in several scripts. This function is used in Japan, for example. The address versions are not, however, read by the system when it is configured to the standard settings.

By choosing Goto ® Purchasing data, you can display the vendorís purchasing data and partner functions.

You can use the functions Field changes and Account changes to display changes to a certain field or to the entire vendor master record. Choose these functions via the menu bar option Environment.

You can use the Reference account function to display the master record of an account specified as a reference in the vendor master record. If your vendor is also a customer, for example, you can switch to the customer master record. If you keep head office and branch accounts, you can also display the master record of the head office. Choose this function from the menu bar option Environment.

When you enter, change, or display bank details in a vendor master record, you can display the master data of the banks specified in the master record. Choose this function from the menu bar option Environment.