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Background documentation How are Master Records Numbered?  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Each master record has a unique number. You need this number to display or change the master record and to post to the vendor account.

The vendor master record number can be assigned either internally or externally. Internal numbers are assigned by the system, whereas you enter external numbers yourself when you create the vendor master record. External numbers can be alphanumeric.

The account group determines whether account numbers are internal or external and what the valid number interval for a vendor master record is.

The system ensures that the numbers assigned are always unique. With internal assignment, the system selects the next number from the interval. With external assignment, the system prevents you from entering the same number twice.


A vendor account has the same number for all company codes. You can find more information about number ranges in the Implementation Guide for Financial Accounting. For more information about configuring the system, see Configuring the System Using the Implementation Guide.