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Provided you have the relevant authorization, you can change any of the fields in a master record at a later date, except for the account number and account group.

If authorizations have been created for changing master records, you may not be able to change certain fields.

If you wish to change sensitive fields, you may need a second user to approve your changes. For more information, see Dual Control for Changing Master Records


If you have also implemented the Sales and Distribution (SD) application component, you can also change the sales data. For more information about the sales functions, see the documentation for the Sales and Distribution (SD) application component.


Your system administrator can use field status specifications or authorizations to restrict some fields from being changed. These fields are then just displayed. This is recommended for the reconciliation accounts, for example, so that they cannot be changed by mistake. For more information about how to restrict authorizations for changing data, see the Maintain Profiles activity in the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Financial Accounting Global Settings.

When changing master data, you should note the following:


A customer master record spans several screens. Accordingly, it is possible to change data on a number of different screens. You can:

The system logs all changes. For each field, it stores the time of change, the name of the user, the current and the previous field contents. You can display the changes made to the entire customer master record or to a specific field. For more information, see Displaying Changes to Customer Master Records

There are a number of maintenance functions that you can use to maintain the master data. For more information, see Maintenance Functions for Customer Master Data: Overview



To carry out the following maintenance function...


Changing a Customer Master Record Centrally

Master records -> Maintain centrally -> Change

Changing a Customer Master Record for Accounting

From the Accounts receivable main menu, choose Master records -> Change