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Function documentation Setting Up Head Office and Branch Accounts  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Customers in some industries place orders locally (i.e. via their branches), but pay invoices centrally (from headquarters). You can represent this business relationship with head office and branch accounts.


For example, assume you have linked a branch account to a head office account. You can enter an invoice for goods delivered to a branch, but have the system automatically post the sales figures to the head office account. The system records the customer account number of the branch in the document. You collect payment from and dun the head office account. As a result, you can collect payments for several branches in one step.

You create, display, change, delete, and block head office and branch accounts in the same way as all other customer master records.

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To link a branch account to the head office account, enter the account number of the head office account in the Head office field in the customer master record of the branch account. You can use customer accounts that are not one-time or branch accounts as head office accounts. Branch accounts and head office accounts must belong to the same company code.

For line item display, enter the key 004 in the Sort key field in the customer master record of the head office account. The system uses this key to sort the line items in the head office account according to branch account. This key is defined in the table for assignment rules. For more information on line item display and the Sort key field, see Sorting Line Items.

To send account statements or dunning notices to the branch instead of the head office, select the Local process. field in the screen Create Customer: Correspondence.