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Procedure documentationEntering Texts for a Customer  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


It is possible to enter explanatory texts for each customer. In the general data area, you can enter central (i.e. non-accounting-specific) information, whilst accounting-specific text types, for example on payment transactions or dunning, are entered in the company code area.


The text types that are relevant are specified using text IDs when the system settings are made. For each text type, you can create a new text in a different language.


Enter text on the customer as follows:

  1. When entering a customer master record, choose Extras ® Texts.
  2. Choose one of the suggested text types and enter text in the column Line 1 .
  3. To enter the text in a language other than your logon language, specify the key for the required language in the column La.
  4. The symbol * in front of a line signifies that the text has already been edited.

    If this symbol appears at the end of a line, it means that there is more text for this text type than can fit into a single line.

    To add text in a different language to a particular text type, place the cursor on the relevant text type and choose Edit ® Create text. You can then enter the language key and the relevant text.

  5. Choose Edit ® Detailed text to call up the text editor. The editor allows you to enter any length of text.
  6. Before leaving the text editor, choose Text ® Save.
  7. Choose Goto ® Back.
  8. The initial screen for text entry appears. The first line of your text is displayed.

  9. Choose Goto ® Back again.

You return to the screen you started from.


You have entered a text in the system for the customer. The system saves your entries when you save the customer master data.