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For each customer, you can specify as many banks as you require. You need the bank details of a customer if you intend to use the payment program to collect payment from your customer (for example, if you have automatic debit authorization).

To enter bank details in the customer master record, enter the bank country, the bank key, and the bank account number in the general data area. For control purposes, the system then displays the name of the bank.

The fields Country and Bank key serve to clearly identify a bank in the SAP system. With these keys you can enter further bank data, such as the address.

Normally banks are managed by bank number. This is entered as the bank key. In certain countries, for example, the Netherlands, the account number is used for this function. In this case, you should enter the account number as the bank key.


When you enter your customer's bank details, the system checks whether master data already exists for this bank. If not, the system goes to the maintenance screen for bank master data.


To enter bank details, proceed as follows:

  1. Create a customer master record by choosing Master records ® Create from the Accounts receivable menu.
  2. Select the account group, enter an account number (if necessary) and the company code, and choose Enter.
  3. Enter the address and control data.
  4. Select the tab page for Payment transactions. On this screen, enter the bank country, the bank key, the account number, and a control key (required in France, for example). In addition, you can enter a bank type for the payment program and indicate that automatic debit authorization is allowed.
    1. If no master data exists yet for the specified bank, the system displays an additional window, in which you can enter bank master data.
    2. Enter the master data for the bank.
    3. Choose Enter to return to the entry screen for customer master records.

If you want to change or add to the bank master data, position the cursor on the appropriate bank and choose Bank data. The system displays the dialog box for entering and maintaining master data. You can enter details about customers’ payment cards under Payment cards.


The bank details entered appear immediately in the list of bank details in the Payment transactions screen. However, they are not saved until you save the corresponding customer master record.