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Procedure documentation Creating a Customer Master Record Centrally  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You wish to create a customer master record for both Financial Accounting (FI-AR) and Sales and Distribution (SD) at the same time.



You must have installed and configured the Sales and Distribution (SD) application component.


  1. From the Accounts receivable menu, choose Master records ® Maintain centrally ® Create.
  2. The initial screen for creating a customer appears.

  3. Select an account group.
  4. Depending on the type of number assignment (internal or external) used for the account group, you also enter an account number.

  5. If you wish to maintain the company code data or the sales data as well as the general data, also enter
  6. - A company code for maintaining the FI data (accounting data)

    - A sales area for maintaining sales data

  7. To continue, choose Continue.
    The Create customer: General data screen appears.
  8. Note

    When you create a customer master record for which the general data has already been created, the first screen for the company code data or the sales data appears.

  9. Enter the customer data. The pushbuttons at the top of the screen enable you to change between general data, FI data (company code data), and SD data (sales area data).
  10. The title of the tab page tells you which data area you are in.

  11. When you have made all the necessary entries, save the customer master record.


You have created a customer master record centrally. The system returns to the initial screen and displays a message to confirm that the master record has been created.