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Procedure documentation Creating a Customer Master Record Using a Reference  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You wish to create a master record by referring to an existing master record.


The system copies the master data from the reference master record. However, it does not copy all of the data. A number of factors affect which data is copied:


When you create a new customer master record, you can choose whether you want to use the account group of the reference master record. In this case, do not enter an account group for the master record to be created. The system automatically copies the account group from the reference master record.


  1. From the Accounts receivable menu, choose Master records Create or Maintain centrally Create.
  2. Enter an existing customer in the Reference field. You can use a customer master record from any company code as a reference.
    Depending on the type of number assignment to be used, you may be required to enter an account number. To continue, choose Continue.
    The Create customer screen appears.
  3. Check the various tab pages and add to or change the default data.
  4. Save the master record.


You have created a customer master record using a reference. The system confirms this with a message.