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Component documentation Line Item Display  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can display the line items for one or more accounts.

Line items are document items that were posted to a specific account. In contrast to a document item, a line item only contains the information from the document that is relevant from the account view.

You can display the following line items:

You can display the line items for the following account types:


In order to display the line items for an account, the account must be managed with line item display. This means that you have set the indicator Line item display in the master data of the account.

For more information about the Line item display indicator, see Defining "Line Item Display"


If you have posted a business transaction and want to display the line items, you have the following options:

You can use the following functions to display line items:

This is the standard function. The line items are displayed in a list where you can use the functions of the SAP List Viewer (ALV) for creating the layout, for example, sorting, creating totals, and so on.

You can only use the classic line item display as a modification solution.