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To enable tracking of a complete batch history you must connect all SAP systems and non-SAP systems (legacy systems) involved in the supply chain process. This ensures that all information related to a tracked object is sent in time. The relevant information is where-used data and master data of tracked objects, and organizational data. The distribution of the relevant information can be performed with delta uploads and optionally with initial uploads.

Only the data and attributes that are relevant to track the batch history are transferred to SAP Global Batch Traceability (SAP GBT). SAP GBT can capture the following kind of data:

  • Where-used data, for example, the batch where-used data based on the material documents in SAP ERP, or the production order for which a batch was produced

  • Master data, for example, the batch master data with classification data in SAP ERP, or data for the business partner (customer and vendor) to whom a batch was delivered

    Master data provides additional information, but is not necessary for the where-used data.

  • Organizational data, for example, the plant where a batch was produced

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All information regarding the integration with SAP ERP refers to SAP ERP as of release 6.0.

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For information about examples of possible system landscapes, see the master guide for SAP GBT.

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