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You can integrate an SAP Global Batch Traceability (SAP GBT) system with a non-SAP ERP system, using an SAP ERP system in between. The basic integration mechanism can look like this:

  • You transfer the batch where-used data from the non-SAP ERP system to your SAP ERP system in one of the following ways:

    • For example, using the ISA 95 standard communication structures, and the Production Planning for Process Industries (PP-PI) process messages for creating the material goods movements in SAP ERP:

      • PI-Prod.: Goods receipt message

      • PI-Cons.: Goods issue message

    • With the material goods movements

      Every time a material document is created in SAP ERP, a new entry in table CHVW is also created. A prerequisite is that the material is subject to batch management requirement and the movement type is relevant for batch where-used records. Additionally, an entry in the transfer table for SAP GBT in the integration component GBTRINT is created.

  • In SAP GBT you schedule report /GBT/R_EVENT_COLLECTOR to run periodically. Report /GBT/R_EVENT_COLLECTOR transfers the following information via remote function call (RFC):

    • The batch where-used information from the transfer table

    • The information about the relationship that is displayed in the global batch traceability network

    • The relevant attributes of the connecting business documents related to the batch where-used information, for example, the relevant attributes of the production order related to a batch

  • For traceability reporting, you can transfer the relevant master data using IDocs.

The following figure illustrates these integration mechanisms:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Example of Integration with Non-SAP ERP Systems Using SAP ERP


  • For integration with SAP ERP as of release 6.0, you must have installed integration component GBTRINT.

  • To determine what where-used data SAP ERP should transfer to SAP GBT, you have maintained the SAP GBT relevant plants. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose   Cross-Application Components   SAP Global Batch Traceability   Specify Filter for Events  .