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Address data is important content that helps to answer questions like the following: To which customers or ship-to parties did I deliver partial quantities of a batch, and what are the address details of these customers or ship-to parties?

SAP Global Batch Traceability (SAP GBT) saves the addresses of SAP ERP objects, for example, customer master, vendor master, or plant master, as the standard address of the business partner.

In addition, the address of the ship-to party of each delivery is transferred to the SAP GBT system and saved with reference to the delivery in Business Address Services (BAS). In the SAP GBT example report for a distribution list the original ship-to address of the delivery is displayed.

Example Example

You deliver batch 123 to customer Smith with the address ABC Road 1000. Later you change the address of customer Smith to YXZ Street 2000 in the master data. In SAP GBT both addresses are available for reporting purposes. In the SAP GBT example report for a distribution list of batch 123, SAP GBT displays the original address Smith, ABC Road 1000.

End of the example.

Implementation Considerations

Only the postal but part of the outbound delivery ship-to address is transferred from SAP ERP to SAP GBT, not the communication part.

SAP GBT reuses ship-to addresses instead of saving duplicates. It is not possible to change the ship-to addresses in SAP GBT.


To transfer address data of plants, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose   Cross-Application Components   SAP Global Batch Traceability   Data Collection in SAP ERP   Retrieve Plant Master  .

More Information

For more information about address data, look for Business Address Services (BC-SRV-ADR) in the documentation of SAP NetWeaver at   Application Help   Function-Oriented View   English  .