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For each connected system, you must filter the plants for which SAP ERP transfers events to SAP Global Batch Traceability (SAP GBT).

If you use the plants per connected system as a filter, you can start, for example, with the events of specific plants that are relevant for the SAP GBT system, instead of starting with the events of all plants defined in the connected SAP ERP systems.

SAP ERP collects only events related to the registered plants, and then transfers them asynchronously to SAP GBT. If you do not register any plant as relevant for SAP GBT, SAP ERP does not collect any events.


Before you can filter where-used data for transfer, you must create RFC connections for the SAP ERP system. You must also assign these RFC connections to the logical systems of SAP ERP. On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose   Cross-Application Components   SAP Global Batch Traceability   Configuring of Connected Logical Systems  .


Specify Filter for Events by Plant

After you have selected the logical system in this transaction (/GBT/FILTER_APPLY), all plants in the SAP ERP system are listed. The registered plants are marked. You can register unregistered plants, as well as unregister already registered plants.

Caution Caution

Only unregister a plant if you are sure that the plant will never be relevant for SAP GBT again.

End of the caution.
Overview of Event Relevance

If none of the plants involved in an event is registered as relevant for SAP GBT, the event is not transferred to SAP GBT.

Implementation Considerations

The filter for the relevant plants is considered for the delta load and initial load of batch where-used data.

No automatic reset of the relevant plants is supported.

SAP GBT always considers the plant and storage location level, to also be able to track goods movements between storage locations within a plant, for example, movement type 311/312 (transfer storage location one step).


To filter for events, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose   Cross-Application Components   SAP Global Batch Traceability   Data Collection in SAP ERP   Specify Filter for Events  .

More Information

You can also filter events or event links. For more information, see BAdI to Filter Events and Event Links (Optional).